Driving DE&I in life sciences.

The fabric of innovation is woven with diverse threads—individual perspectives, unique backgrounds, and a multitude of experiences. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is unwavering and integral to our practices, operations and solutions. 

From how we select and onboard our own team to the solutions we offer our partners, our DE&I efforts transcend mere compliance; they're a proactive commitment that defines how we operate. We share in the belief that encouraging diversity and leading with inclusion drives the life science industry forward.

This commitment is embedded in our solutions suite, with metric tracking that can ensure accountability, encourage continuous improvement, and allow you to make a demonstratable impact on your DE&I goals.

Guiding your journey toward inclusivity.

DE&I Reporting

Our commitment is reflected in our DE&I Reporting Service for large-scale recruitment projects. This service is more than just a data collation exercise, but allows for transparency, improvement, and actionability.

For projects of sufficient scale, we provide reports on the DE&I metrics of candidates we represent—those shortlisted, interviewed, and even extended offers. This invaluable insight enables you to assess your strides towards inclusive hiring and pinpoint areas ripe for development.

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Workforce DE&I audits

We believe that a proactive commitment to DE&I principles drives progress and cultivates a more inclusive culture, and we aim to support clients looking to make a real improvement in the cultural makeup of their workforce.

Our DE&I Workforce Survey Service encapsulates this commitment. Our expertly-designed surveys delve deep into the fabric of your company, identifying the strengths and areas of improvement in your current inclusivity efforts. By turning the lens inward, we provide you with the insights needed to build a truly inclusive and diverse team.

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Support in achieving your DE&I goals.

When you choose to partner with us for your recruitment projects, you're not just choosing an effective service—you're choosing a catalyst for progress in DE&I. We help you turn inclusive recruitment from an aspiration into a reality. Reach out today to discover more.

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