Complaints Policy

At SEC Life Sciences we are committed to providing the highest level of service to all our stakeholders, including our clients and candidates. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of service received from SEC please tell us about it. This will help us to continually improve our service levels and offerings.

If you have a complaint, please either contact your initial point of contact by phone on +44 (0) 20 7255 6600 or via email to in the first instance so that we can try to resolve your complaint informally.

If following this stage you are not satisfied, please contact Emily Garbutt in writing either via email to: or via letter to the following address:

SEC Life Sciences, Centennium House, 100 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6DL.

On receipt of your email / letter we will:

  1. Send you a letter / email acknowledging receipt of your communication setting out what you can expect us to do next including timeframes. You can expect to receive our response within two to three working days of us receiving your complaint.
  2. Your communication will then be passed to an appropriate person, should they need further information from you they will contact you and ask you to confirm or explain the details you have set out. You can expect to receive a further response from them within five working days of our first response to you.
  3. The person responsible for handling your complaint will consider your points made and undertake any necessary investigations, they will then apply their mind to the facts. Subsequently, they will communicate with you their findings and outcome and, should it be necessary, set out any further steps. You should expect to receive the outcome of their investigation in writing within 30 days of them receiving any further information from you that they have requested.
  4. At this stage, if you are still not satisfied you can write to us again setting out why you are not happy with the outcome and a director of the company will review your further input and the basis of the original outcome and respond to you within 10 working days.
  5. This outcome will explain our reasons and be our final position on your complaint.

We reserve the right to change any of the time scales or steps above due to operational considerations.

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