Specialist support in recruiting for technology and data science jobs.

We provide talent and recruitment marketing services for organizations looking to fill technology and data science jobs across the life sciences industry, assisting businesses in sourcing and onboarding top data and technology professionals at all levels, from data scientists through to C-level strategists.

Successes in the data and tech field.

We have a longstanding relationship with global biopharma GSK, but this project details a single pivotal appointment to enrich their digital innovations team.

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Swiss-based medical device company Hamilton looked to source a test automation engineer with medical device and C+ experience for appointment in an extremely talent-scarce location.

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BMS sought to establish a new central European Hub of Biostatistics excellence in Basel and required support with candidate attraction and relocation planning.

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We support world-class life science organizations through the provision of data and tech experts, facilitating the launch of digitally-enabled projects that drive the sector forward.

The data and tech sector within life sciences is facing exponential growth, and organizations looking to deliver on digital strategies require a partner that can keep up with the changing pace.

Our expert consultants have an in-depth familiarity with applications of technology within the life sciences field, and are able to understand the data and tech jobs and skills which are not only applicable today, but which will be in demand in the coming months and years.

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We provide tailored services for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, medtech, and other innovative life science companies throughout the drug development and clinical trial process. Our goal is to help these firms attract, engage, and retain the best talent in data and technology.

An expert partner in data and tech recruitment.

Our specialist consultants are able to support hiring for data jobs, alongside offering marketing and people management services for firms where such a gap is present in their existing capabilities.

Our talent solutions prioritize candidate excellence, enabling us to collaborate with companies in their quest to discover highly skilled employees for careers that significantly enhance the lives of individuals worldwide.

Support across the life science landscape.

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly leveraging data and technology to accelerate drug discovery and development.

Our expertise in AI, ML, and data science enables us to support our pharmaceutical clients by connecting them with top-tier talent for their data-driven projects and initiatives.

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From innovative startups to established medical device companies, our recruitment and talent management services focus on identifying and onboarding professionals skilled in data analysis, AI, and ML.

Our support helps these organizations harness the power of data and technology to improve patient outcomes and drive clinical trial success.

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We partner with cutting-edge biotech companies, helping them achieve their business objectives by building strong teams in data science, bioinformatics, biostatistics, and other core areas within data and technology.

We ensure that talented candidates find fulfilling roles in this rapidly-evolving sector.

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We recognize the growing importance of data and technology expertise in the life sciences, particularly within medtech companies.

We support medtech firms in expanding their presence and securing top talent with strong technical backgrounds throughout the product development lifecycle.

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Contract manufacturing and development organizations (CMDOs) benefit from advanced data analysis and process optimization.

We provide retained search, executive search and talent engagement services for businesses in this sector, helping them meet their staffing needs with professionals skilled in data science, biostatistics, and other core data and tech functions.

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SEC Life Sciences delivers customized executive search and staffing services for CROs, ensuring they have access to experts in AI, ML, and data analysis to optimize clinical trial operations and drive innovation.

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Our expert consultants support venture capital and private equity firms by providing staffing, marketing, and people solutions for their data and technology-driven portfolio companies.

This allows leaders within these organizations to concentrate on achieving key milestones and driving value in the rapidly evolving life sciences landscape.

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Accelerate your hiring strategy.

Our technology and data recruitment team is experienced in assisting candidates during the hiring and onboarding process for positions in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and broader life science sectors globally. For support in expanding your data department, get in touch with us today.

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