Helping you scale the life science innovators of tomorrow.

Our venture capital and private equity recruitment solutions aim to provide long-term support that scales your portfolio companies from their earliest stages.

As invested in your portfolio growth as you are.

We bring nearly four decades of experience to deliver targeted and fully-realized recruitment solutions across life science portfolios. We are not just recruiters; we are subject matter experts, connection builders, talent strategists, and industry insiders. Our track record speaks for itself.

More than 15,000 placements, from associate through to C-suite.
Fully compliant placements in 41 countries globally.
Reduced hiring time with an average instruction-to-acceptance of 32 days
Robust post-engagement support leading to a retention rate of 98%
Why VC and PE firms choose to scale with us.

With the cost of research, development, manufacturing and commercialization continually increasing, venture capital and private equity firms have become integral partners in the life sciences sector. They provide the resource that enables biotechs, medtechs, medical device firms, and other life science innovators develop the treatments, technologies and diagnostic equipment that will enhance lives.

With organizations worldwide securing increasingly lucrative funding to develop new drugs, therapies, wearables and devices, venture capital companies are finding that they’re diversifying their portfolios across the spectrum of life sciences. As a result, they need a recruitment partner that will intimately understand the field and facilitate the growth of their investments through talent acquisition and retention.

Our VC and PE recruitment solutions aim to provide long-term support to venture capital and private equity companies. Dedicated consultancy, talent resourcing, and bespoke marketing services target and engage candidate pools and allow the companies you work with to appoint the right talent faster, and more cost-effectively.

The venture capital and private equity recruitment team provide specialized assistance in executive sourcing, competitor analysis, EVP and employer branding, targeted marketing, onboarding, and post-placement care. These services allow you to focus on delivering operational expertise for every start-up and scale-up you work with, helping them get off the ground and impact their respective markets.

Success stories.

We partnered with RVAC Medicines and CBC Group, the top healthcare VC firm in APAC, to launch RVAC Medicines' first R&D facility in Boston. We built an entire R&D team from the ground up for this newly established biotech firm.

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AveXis approached us following their successful FDA and EMA approval and Series B financing. Without an EU presence, we leveraged our expertise to fill 16 strategic director and AD-level positions, laying a solid foundation for their EU market success.

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We powered Ablative Solutions' growth following Series D financing and ahead of a Phase III trial launch. With over 120 strategic placements in trial sites across 8 countries, we've evolved them from a small team to a multinational powerhouse.

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Driven by people.


Subject Matter Experts

Our recruiters have deep expertise within specific life science practice areas, understanding the intricate requirements of complex roles and projects.

Connection Builders

Our experts focus on building networks in specific life science niches, nurturing relationships to become your go-to resource for target talent pools.

Talent Strategists

We build custom talent roadmaps tailored to the unique journeys of your portfolio companies, aligning hiring and product milestones.

Industry Insiders

Our professionals tap into their years of relationship-building and industry insights to navigate the evolving landscape effectively.

Powered by technology.


Candidate Matching

Tech-enabled suitability checks auto-match vacancies to our candidate pool, locating niche skillsets and streamlining complex requirements.

Market Intelligence

We stay ahead of the curve with software that tracks market movements, financial activity, and product pipelines.

Outreach and Feedback

Pre-engagement, in-process, and post-placement outreach nurtures talent at every stage of recruitment.

DE&I Aware

Our screening software ensures gender-neutral outreach, promoting gender equality throughout the application and recruitment process.

Let's scale your portfolio.

Our venture capital recruitment team are experts in assisting private equity companies with marketing, hiring and onboarding roles across several fields. We provide dedicated, long-term support in talent acquisition across your portfolio. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. 

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