Support in executing a winning talent strategy.

we offer robust implementation services, meticulously designed to execute an end-to-end talent strategy with expertise and precision.

Facing the complexities of executing an end-to-end talent strategy?

Unlike traditional staffing agencies, we see beyond transactions. We work closely with SMEs and scale-ups and stand by our partners throughout their transformative journey—from their earliest beginnings to becoming dominant players in the life science sector.

We are invested in more than just finding you the right talent, which is why we offer a suite of implementation solutions. Think of it as everything that’s executed around traditional talent acquisition, from employer branding activity, people management, contingent worker compliance, workforce engagement analysis, DE&I metrics, and skills gap analysis.

With nearly four decades of industry experience, we've helped life science companies at their early most stages transform and scale successfully.

As your strategic partner, we're invested in your journey, empowering you to attract the right talent, foster an inclusive culture, align workforce with business objectives, and ultimately, make a lasting impact in the life science sector.

Onboarding and Implementation FAQs

We take a strategic approach to employer branding. By first understanding your company's core values, culture, and aspirations, we craft a unique employer value proposition—and advise where you could potentially make changes, based on our market intelligence.

We then bring this to life through multi-channel candidate engagement campaigns. These could involve social media campaigns, bespoke content creation, and targeted communications, all aiming to attract and engage the right talent for your business.

We manage contingent worker compliance by leveraging our dedicated, in-house compliance department. They stay abreast of the latest local regulations across more than 40 countries worldwide, which involves understanding local employment laws, tax regulations, and more. They work diligently to ensure the ongoing compliance of your contingent workers, freeing you from the administrative burden and minimizing any risk to your business.

Our workforce engagement analysis is a combination of both quantitative and qualitative assessments. We monitor metrics and gather employee feedback through surveys and, where appropriate, one-on-one conversations.

By interpreting this data, we gain insights into your workforce's engagement levels, which in turn informs our recommendations to improve productivity, job satisfaction, and overall employee engagement.

We start by measuring your existing DE&I metrics, such as workforce diversity statistics and inclusivity indicators. Using this baseline, we then work with you to design and implement improvement strategies.

This might involve designing targeted recruitment campaigns to attract a more diverse talent pool, developing training programs to foster a more inclusive culture, or setting up mentorship initiatives to promote equity. Our aim is to help create a workplace that is representative, fair, and welcoming for those joining you.

Our goal isn't just to fill positions for the short-term but to place you in the best possible position for a steady, long-term stream of talent.

Our relationships with clients span years, not just one-off placements. We've had partners work with us intensively for a period of a few years to overhaul their talent acquisition activity, utilizing our expertise as a springboard to establish a continuous and self-sustaining flow of high-quality talent.

This strategic, long-term focus, combined with nearly four decades of industry experience, sets us apart. Our team of market experts truly become an extension of your team.

Sold? Let's build a winning talent strategy together.

Choosing us means choosing a strategic partner who is as committed to your success as you are. Experience the difference that expert, bespoke service can make in your growth journey. Reach out below for questions about strengthening your talent acquisition efforts today.

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