Manufacturing the teams that develop innovative therapies.

We have the subject experience and sector expertise to help you understand the talent market for the CDMO environment, helping you to make informed decisions on sourcing, hiring and onboarding through a suite of bespoke recruitment solutions.

The CDMO environment requires talent to drive innovation and productivity, particularly as more complex molecules are brought to market to treat rare diseases. In partnering with us you gain access to a wealth of experience in sourcing, hiring and onboarding candidates, including those with niche expertise.

Enabling growth in the CDMO ecosystem

Globally, the CDMO market size reached $36 billion in 2023, with economists anticipating a further $84 billion growth by 2027. With people living longer and encountering more diseases throughout their lives, the high demand for medicines has led to the pharmaceutical industry increasingly leaning on the capabilities of CDMOs.

As a result, the outsourcing market remains buoyant, and many CDMOs are utilizing competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract and retain talented candidates for their open roles.

Now, with drug development firms across the US and Europe looking to address resiliency and supply chain concerns in their pharmaceutical manufacturing efforts, attracting and retaining talent in the CDMO sector is becoming increasingly important.

At SEC, we assist CDMO companies by providing a quick turnaround on hiring and onboarding services alongside talent marketing and competitor analysis offerings. We have a history of senior hires for CDMO companies across all aspects of operations, site management and manufacturing.

Discover top talent for your CDMO.

At SEC Life Sciences, our CDMO services are centered around building solid relationships with the talent that transforms lives, helping them to find careers that make an impact.

We provide fully-featured recruitment services for several business functions across the CDMO environment. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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