Appointing a strategic hire to support GSK's digital future.

How we positioned an AI and ML-versed bioinformatician within GSK's data and digital innovation team, transforming data application and fostering innovation.

We were in an existing partnership with global biopharmaceutical leader, GSK, when they appointed us to enrich their data and digital innovation team with a pioneering Senior Data Scientist, capable of revolutionizing their data analytics approach with their expertise in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and genomics.

Problems identified

GSK sought an adept innovator for their data and digital innovation team. They needed a leader with a strong bioinformatics background and proficiency in data mining, machine learning, and the application of AI and ML in biology, to develop tailored systems and models.


What was at stake

Without the right leader, GSK risked missing out on vital advancements in data analysis and application within the life sciences industry, potentially hindering the company's digital innovation momentum and competitive edge.


From a shortlist of 5 candidates, all of whom were interviewed by GSK, Our diligent process resulted in the successful placement of a highly qualified senior scientist specializing in bioinformatics.


This strategic hire has significantly enhanced GSK's ability to develop innovative data analysis systems and models, directly impacting their digital transformation journey and strengthening their competitive position in the industry.

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