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Jacob Perrett

Global Head of Sales

Jacob is the Global Head of Sales here at SEC. He joined back in 2021 as a Principal Consultant, with the exciting task of starting up the US division.

Before joining SEC Life Sciences, he had already spent three years in life science recruitment. The industry has always fascinated him and is incredibly important, so he feels fortunate to be able to contribute to its growth and development. Now, alongside the development of his team, his focus is on early-stage biotechs, CDMOs, and CMOs.

When he's not working hard to ensure the success of the team, you can usually find him indulging in his second biggest passion – rugby! He's been a die-hard fan since before he can remember. He's played since his school days, and he's still hitting the field now. He absolutely loves the camaraderie and excitement that comes with being part of a rugby team.

And, although rugby is his first love, he can't deny his affection for American football as well. He's a huge LA Rams fan and always makes time to follow the games.

Feel free to reach out to Jacob if you have any questions or just want to chat about life sciences, rugby, or American football!

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