[DOWNLOAD] The 2024 Salary and Market Insights Survey - Clinical and Medical


Want to see how your compensation and benefits packages line up with the industry standard? Our latest report provides the detailed salary insights and benefits information you need to construct competitive compensation packages in the fields of clinical operations, clinical development, and medical affairs—compiled from the thoughts and opinions of more than 600 candidates in the field.

Inside the Guide 


What's the going rate? 

Find out how your salary package, or the one you currently offer candidates, stacks up against others in your industry. The guide contains clear-cut salary data for key roles across clinical and medical, from CRAs through to VPs, so you can understand if your offers are enticing and your teams are compensated competitively.

What benefits do people really want?

We’ve pinpointed the top benefits that matter most to life sciences professionals today, straight from the professionals themselves. Use this knowledge to enhance your benefits package and become an employer people are eager to work for.

How are current trends impacting recruitment?

The landscape’s changing—tech advancements, new regulations, increased digitisation. We'll show you how these trends are dictating recruitment strategies so you can act effectively.

Tailor your approach to recruitment and how you construct your offering based on real data, sourced directly from the talent pool you’re targeting.

Download your copy now and equip yourself with the latest insights to support your hiring efforts. Fill in the form below and we’ll send you your copy of the 2024 Salary Survey for Clinical Operations, Clinical Development, and Medical Affairs.

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